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Our Products

Transform your projects with Displace's line of products! We combine cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver advanced solutions in visual computing. Situator_VR lets you capture entire environments with the highest precision, while Invisus monitors complex scenarios in real time. Together they enable the Digital Twin, helping to make accurate decisions and streamline processes. Discover how Displace can revolutionize your operations.


Invisus is an EdgeAI device powered by NVIDIA that provides an innovative solution for object detection, pose estimation for monitoring environmental hazards, ergonomics and hazardous interactions between workers and equipment.


No matter what the industry, Invisus technology helps ensure your employees are working safely.



Enter the future of 3D capture with Displace's Situator_VR. Combining optical, LiDAR and RGB-D sensors, you can capture entire environments, from small rooms to entire cities, with the highest precision.


The NeRF - Neural Radiance Fields technology, present in the new version of Situator_VR, guarantees an immersive and realistic 3D reconstruction, with details and textures captured perfectly. Enter the world of digital twins and explore the potential of the Metaverse with Situator_VR

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